When Henry Schroeder opened the doors of Schroeder's Restaurant in 1893, he started a tradition that would span over a century in San Francisco.
A Prussian gentleman, Schroeder immigrated to San Francisco and opened the restaurant on the south side of Market between First and Second Streets. The devastating earthquake and fire bolted through San Francisco April 18, 1906, destroyed the restaurant. It temporarily relocated at the corner of Sixteenth and Mission Streets.

Slowly, the city began to rebuild, and the determination of Henry Schroeder and other's like him helped to restore the Financial District. In 1911, Schroeder's , moved to 117 Front Street. Schroeder's was then "men only" establishment and attracted a varied clientele of businessmen, sea captains, and merchants. Five years later, the café moved next door to 240 Front Street. Henry Schroeder passed away in 1921 and left the operation to his widow, Mrs. Schroeder. She decided to sell it the same year and advertised for a buyer in a local newspaper.

A young man named Max Kniesche read about the sale. He had lived in San Francisco since 1907, but never seen Schroeder's interior. On January 10, 1922, he purchased with gold pieces, Schroeder's restaurant sight unseen. That afternoon, Max walked into the restaurant and announced "All right, I'm your new boss." Changing with the times was an ingredient for success, so in 1935, Schroeder's began serving dinner and opened its doors to ladies after 1:30 p.m. and on October 7, 1970, Schroeder's opened its doors at lunch also for ladies.

The 1939 Exposition on Treasure Island brought thousand of tourists to San Francisco. Schroeder's prospered from increased business and secured a fine reputation for authentic Bavarian dishes. Sauerbraten and potato pancakes, Wiener Schnitzel and Swiss Bratwurst and Red Cabbage are just a few dishes that have become synonymous with the name Schroeder's.

In 1959, after 40 years in the same location, Schroeder's moved to its present locale at 240 Front Street. In attempt to preserve the same warm friendly atmosphere so familiar to regular patrons, the famous Herman Richter murals, beer steins and the rosewood bar were carefully moved.

In April 1997, Jana and Stefan Filipclk, immigrants from Czech Republic, bought the Schroeder's. They come from Reichenberg, the part of country which was before World War II part of Germany. By adding light side dishes, fish and vegetarian meals, they are proud to continue in the family tradition of this special place in San Francisco.





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